1987 PPS TAX estimator New commutation factors have been loaded. This site will close on 31 MAY 2019. Tax year 17-18 & 18-19 ONLY use at home with a dedicated router. First view tutorial, and print off pages 1&2 for reference.


This estimator is not advice under FCA regs. NOT to be used to make career or financial decisions.


Force/Guest IT firewalls block it, only use on a private device, use CHROME on desktops/laptops (Firefox hangs, Edge not tested) or SAFARI/Ipad. NOT tested on iphone.


This estimator will give you a very good forecast of tax payable and scheme pays (clawback) deductions when £2k+. It will cover two tax years if you get promoted mid-year for £10.00 (for one-off use). Only for personal use by individual police officers. 1987 PPS PROTECTED Senior officers* ONLY. The normal pension and commutation figures are net of both AA tax and LTA tax (provided you choose scheme pays for AA tax) and also a figure for claiming slightly less than Max (25%) commutation in order to avoid a tax charge of 55% when you retire below age 57.4yrs (because your commutation factors at 20+ are higher than HMRC limit). Input notes (all blue cells): There is normally a difference between Average Pensionable Pay and pensionable pay, the latter being higher. The former is found on your annual pension statement, or click here for an APP estimator. The Annual Allowance is set at £40k. The LTA is set at £1.03m, (rising to 1.055 for 19-20) increase it you have HMRC protection certificates. Unused carry forward of your AA is found on your annual AA tax statement or ask your PA. Non pensionable pay is required as it affects how much tax is paid at 45%. If you migrate to the 2015 scheme, make the date of scheme change the date of retirement, you should get a reasonable 1987 scheme estimate. It's very hard to incur AA tax in the new scheme. See this site for a future estimate of your preserved 87 rights in the new 2015 scheme (it does not work out any pension tax). If there's enough take up of this site, I will create a 87/2015 tax estimator in time for HMRC's Jan deadline.


Go to PAYMENT page and complete the Paypal form, at the bottom of that page click 'Return to Merchant' (and continue if required), you will then automatically be redirected to a new page. ONLY click OPEN when prompted on the page, otherwise payment will be lost. Do not navigate away from the main page (ie use back arrows), if it is slow to load (too many people accessing it at once), do NOT click refresh as you will lose your payment. You now have 20 minutes to input and review figures.


Click on the screen sq symbol (top right) to maximise page and get access to scroll down bar (far right). Take care as clicking on the neighbouring X symbol kills the link and voids payment.


It is not meant to be an open-ended multi-use estimator. It's for personal use only and as such you should have more than enough time to tweak the figures to reflect your career plans. If you want to repeat it, ensure you clear your browsing history (best to use an incognito /private view) to ensure you get fresh access.


Where you see a blue field enter a number directly OR use arrows. Press enter or return on your keypad/board.


Once the pay data is in, scroll down and click on whether you want a pension clawback (for life) to pay the AA tax.


Use the slider to commute pension (tap slider to a new position on smartphones).



If you get REF# or NaN or other gobbledygook, it means you may have tried a month which has no 31st, eg 31/09, or you've tried to retire too early (below age 50 without 30 years service, or age 50+ without at least 25 years), please double check your inputs before contact. If you have annual increments, then you will have to run this for each increment year. First only focus on the year 1 AA tax (ignore y2), manually divide the clawback pro rata and keep as a seperate note, when you repeat this for the next increment year, you will then have yr 1 & 2 scheme pays which you can add together and insert into the previous scheme pays section (after the clawback Y/N button) on the last year of your increment, to get a final pension net of all AA tax and LTA. Extra work, but still cheaper than a bespoke request which is £400. You can either run this in real time, ie every real year (new estimators will appear for each tax year), or by adjusting the date of joining you can advance a year. This workaround will only give you an approximation because future CPI affects the AA tax. Yr 2 AA figures include the new CPI rate. If you wish to repeat, clear browsing history and access it in incognito/private view mode to ensure you get fresh access. This estimator is not advice as defined by FCA regs. Do not rely upon it to make career or financial decisions. Only qualified experts such as your pension administrator can give you a definitive figure. Do NOT use this to complete your tax return, it's only an estimate. Your PA will give you a formal excess AA figure (but not tax owed) for submission when you exceed your AA. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of this estimator. Only estimator errors (hopefully none send a copy of the screenshot) or suggestions to Send Mail or admin@2015care.one NB: Not for scheme/tax rules. Those are dealt with by your local Pension Administrator/HMRC. If you would like a telephone conversation (30 mins post estimate) take a screen shot and please choose the £50 option here. Read the Home Office guide to the ,scheme for further information (esp annex E for the taper as it interacts with charitable donations). * Supts and chief officers only, it will give incorrect results for federated ranks because of pension contributions rates and 20% tax rates. ppsdirect LTD is registered in England Wales: 7416919 Registered office: 20-22 Wenlock Rd, London, N1 7GU.