TAX Year 2016-17 PPS 1987 only
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Date of Birth 
Date of joining
Average Pensionable Pay: tax year 16-17
NO £, no commas
Pensionable pay 6/4/17
date of next promotion/pay increase
must be within 16-17 tax year
(if none leave blank)
new pensionable pay upon increase
(if none leave blank)
all taxable non-pensionable income
LTA million (enter 1 or 1.number)
 TAPER: Warning for very high earners (£129k ^), the above pension clawback figures only apply to AA excess over £40k. The difference between your taper and £40k is taxed and has to be settled with HMRC direct. See cells below 'charitable donations' for any applicable figures (if blank, no taper applies). Issue lodged with HO.
^ Pensionable pay at £129,600, but higher if charitable donations made, lower if other taxable income exists.
charitable donations
REF annex E HOC 3/2016 for details 
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